Seapony, the first International band to be interviewed by musicblowsmeup.


This is an incredible pleasure.  There is not better way to start!

Thanks for being with us!

Please, could you present yourself?

This is Danny Seapony (not my real name).  I play riffs and write some of the songs for SEAPONY.

You started your music together, as Seapony, in 2010. However, you met each other several years before, in Ohio. How it all began?

I was in bands with both Ian and Jen, but in different cities.  Once we all lived in the same city we started a band together.

Seattle… Such an amazing music place! Now, in 2013, how is the scene there? 

Seattle is a great city to be a band in.  It has such a rich musical history and everyone here seems to be proud of that.  Also, every single person living in Seattle is IN a band too!!!

There are more bands here than you can shake a stick at, but that’s great. Also, it is a very diverse. There isn’t one definitive style that eclipses the others (with the exception of SEAPONY).

There aren’t enough grunge bands.

Your first record, Go With Me, was like a fresh breathe air inside dream pop. What do you think about the genre? Do you think is the best-dream pop-time ever? 

Thank you!  There are so many! But the best of the best is probably My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, & the Sundays.

I love the Sundays!

One of the differences between your first album, Go With Me, and Falling, is the way of recording. The first one was recorded by yourself, handmade style! But Falling was recorded in Olympia’s Dub Narcotic Studios. There are many differences between the sound of both albums?

Actually both albums were recorded at home, but Falling was mixed at Dub Narcotic (by Bob Schwenkler – HI BOB!!!).  ADDITIONALLY, it was mastered by KRAMER (HI KRAMER!!!) who did all of Galaxy 500’s stuff.

If we make another album I want to record it at Dub Narcotic for real!!!

Envolved in an atmospherical environment, your lyrics are nostalgic. There is no place to optimism?

I’m optimistic in real life, but I know it’s wrong.

I love Seapony and your way to treat your fans. What do you think about the importance of Twitter or Facebook in the international development of a band? 

Social media been invaluable to us!  It’s the main way we stay in touch with our fans.  I’m sure we owe much of our success to Facebook, Twitter, and even Myspace!

Thank you Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace!

Have you ever been to Spain?

Not yet.  I think Spain is beautiful.

Do you know any Spanish band?


Is there any chance of seeing you in Spain during 2013?

There is a good chance!  We are trying to organize an overseas trip as we speak.

Fingers crossed!

Thanks a lot for being here with us. We are so grateful! Good luck! 

Thank you!

See ya later!


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