La segunda entrevista internacional con uno de los grupos que seguro, va a hacerse un hueco. Sólo cuentan con dos singles pero vaya sonido.


Un auténtico placer.

Hi Swim! 

First of all, thanks for being with us! What a blast! 

Can you talk about yourself? Who are SWIM?

– Pleasure to be chatting to you!

SWIM is myself (Joe) and Rich.

Cool! Let´s talk about your music. 

When did you start together?

– We’ve been friends and making music, both separately and together, since school. We both were experimenting with different types of music over the years and started exchanging ideas. There came a point where we met up at, what is now our recording studio, and found we worked really well together. We started merging all these ideas we’d been playing with and came up with some songs that we thought were really good and as a result of that we formed SWIM in Summer last year.

If we take a look about Swim´s bio, your influences are Talking Heads, Bowie… I think your music is like an eclectic battery of amazing electro pop and other influences. Could you describe it, please?

– Thanks! It’s hard for us to put a definite label on it as we feel it’s all quite different and coming from different places. We usually reference the songwriters who really inspire us rather than suggesting it’s one particular genre. There’s definitely a real love and respect for people like David BowieTalking HeadsBrian EnoThe Smiths etc. but we’re also into techno and house and disco stuff too. I don’t think any of it draws from any one place, we just respect all different types of music and take certain elements of that into the songwriting with us.

Of course, Swim is growing up! 

More and more.  

Your sound is complex, elaborated, “splashed” with a lot of sounds (as we can see in Ride). 

– Have you already started to play with more musicians?

Me and Rich do all the writing and production but we have some amazing musicians that we work with that fill out the live band. Outside of that, we love working with other musicians and songwriters and collaborating. We particularly love working with people who are coming from a different place than us musically, such as when we worked with ‘Attaque’ on the last single. We’ve also played with some great musicians and bands like ‘Petite Noir’ too. We’re definitely enjoying working and being around such creative people.

Is your life changing? Do you feel Swim´s musical repercussion is increasing all around the World?

It’s early days but it’s been amazing to see the response from everyone all over the world. We’ve already got some seriously dedicated fans which is amazing to see. It’s also cool hearing our songs on the radio and seeing ourselves in magazines. We’re loving it so far!

What about your recent plans?

Gigs, festivals?

– We’ve been concentrating on writing at the minute as we have a new single and video coming out imminently but beyond that we’re planning to do more shows and festivals wherever and whenever we can. We’d definitely really love to come to play outside of the UK as we’ve had such amazing messages from people all over but we’ll have to wait and see whether that happens this year.

Ride and Hold On are amazing but, when will you record a LP? 

Can´t wait to! 

– We’ve got another single coming out soon, beyond that we’re probably going to be concentrating on live shows and playing our songs out on the road but fingers crossed we’ll be in a position to make a record later in the year!

We wish you all the success because we love Swim´s style! 

Thanks a lot! 

See you soon!

– Thanks to you!

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